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About Extension Healthcare

Extension Healthcare is a leading solutions provider that improves clinical communication, collaboration, care coordination and workflows, with a specialized focus on reducing unnecessary clinical interruptions, and improving response to critical patient events. The company’s innovative “Engage™” platform is the most comprehensive and scalable clinical communications and collaboration solution in the healthcare industry.

The Challenge

ince launching in 2009, Extension Healthcare has experienced substantial year-over-year growth, and its class-leading alarm management and clinical collaboration software solutions have been implemented in more than 200 hospitals.

However, in order to continue growing, the organization identified that its existing project management software — Milestone PM — was too rudimentary, and no longer provided the required level of functionality. Reflects Leo Lovely, Extension Healthcare’s Director of Professional Services: “[Milestone PM] was an inexpensive but very basic solution. It met our needs until such time that we grew enough as an organization, that we needed to implement an enterprise solution.”

At the same time, the Extension Healthcare’s team members were using a variety of ad hoc communication tools and channels, such as telephone, Outlook, Skype, One Note and Wikis. This was causing an inconsistent and inefficient approach to collaboration.

The Use Case

  • Enterprise-grade
  • Cloud-based
  • Change request management
  • Flexible
  • Scaleable
  • Salesforce integration
  • Highly functional
  • Configurable workflows

To solve its key challenges, Leo Lovely and his team evaluated various project management solutions, including Netsuite, Mavenlink, Accelo, Kimble and Clarizen. After a trial period, Clarizen was chosen for several reasons, including its enterprise-grade flexibility, scalability, functionality, configurability, integrations, social collaboration features, change request management tools, and overall capacity to help the Extension Healthcare continue expanding and evolving.

The Results

Currently, approximately 35 Extension Healthcare team members are using Clarizen. Says Leo Lovely: “We took a phased, crawl, walk and run approach to implementation, and added functionality as we moved forward. While we wanted to get up and running as quickly as possible, we didn’t want to overwhelm our professional services associates with an excess of new functionality or workflow changes – especially since our previous solution was very basic.”

    • Used custom workflows to increase the number of processed change orders from 0 to 50, with an incremental revenue value of approximately $500,000
    • Increased the quantity of team member discussion posts by 149% in a single quarter
    • Can access a complete picture of the entire project portfolio
    • Can perform accurate and reliable revenue forecasting
    • Solved 80% of the organization’s pain points out-of-the-box, with Clarizen’s custom workflows solving another 10%

“The organization is looking to further integrate Clarizen with other business systems including Quickbooks and Concur. Concludes Leo Lovely: “We are working diligently to improve information sharing from within Clarizen instead of other communication avenues. We are confident that it will meet our needs for years to come.”